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Here’s The Story:

Ladd McNamara MD Balboa Park Feb 23 2014 cDuring my years of practicing medicine as a board certified Ob/Gyn, along with over 20 years of experience working with nutraceuticals, I have successfully helped women and men challenged with low energy, difficulty losing weight, relationship challenges, dissatisfaction, and a low libido. All these challenges can be remedied, as long as there is decision to make things better. What I offered my patients, and now offer to you through this course and personal support, is a WAY to improve several areas that you choose to improve through information, suggestions, and coaching.

This program is also an ideal resource for those in the health & wellness industry, particularly those interested in nutrition and nutritional supplementation, to assist in client and customer support.  With medically-cited aticles and nutritional supplement protocols, as well as on-going support, you will never be at a loss to in knowing what to do.

For those interested in using the VIP program for reclaiming their health, I use a comprehensive approach to getting ‘yourself back,’ because there is no one single “magic bullet.” Usually, more than one area of your life and relationship needs attention. That’s what this course offers.  For over 23 years, I have been helping both men and women make paradigm shfits and lifestyle changes, among many things, including thinking and acting in more effective ways with their partner, dietary and daily habit changes, and incorporating nutraceuticals (vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and omega 3 fatty acids), which have a significant impact on both mind and body.

You may have been looking for a way to make improvements in one or more areas, even trying on your own and feeling a bit down about yourself and/or your relationship, and you possibly are starting to lose hope. Don’t, because there is help.

The Good News!  Most women and men can improve their lives, experiencing more youthful energy, as well as increase relationship intimacy and passion for life.  I know, because this is what I have witnessed over and over among those who have followed the principles of my V.I.P. Program. That is why I have created this easy-to-follow online Vitality, Intimacy, and Passion (V.I.P.) Program because I want you to start experiencing:
















If you could choose, wouldn’t you choose to feel younger, look younger, have more energy, feel better about yourself, lose unwanted fat, and feel sexy again?   Wouldn’t you choose to feel understood, appreciated, and reconnected to your partner?

Well, since you are FREE TO CHOOSE, ….then, if you are ready, CHOOSE NOW to live with more Vitality, Intimacy, and Passion, and let me assist you in that journey of getting what you truly desire with my step-by-step video modules, written works, “homework assignments,” suggested activities, audio programs, nutritional supplement protocols, interactive live webinars, and optional phone coaching giving you insights, instructions, and suggestions personalized to your needs, all that truly work to bring back the real energetic & passionate you!

For those whose business is other people’s health and wellness, then you found the right program for yourself and business.  Let me assist you in what I know best, nutritional supplementation, as it relates to various health challenges and conditions.   You can help people get their vitality, intimacy, and passion back as well, and they will love and appreciate you for it.  You might just need medically-cited articles and nutritional supplement protocols to help your clients or customers; well, I have that too.  You may have on-going questions; well, that is what I am here for.  I keep in contact within a private Facebook group for Dr. Ladd VIP members, answering your questions to help you serve your customers even more than you thought possible.

I invite you to read more, and then scroll down to enroll as a VIP member.  You will be glad you did.

To your Vitality, Intimacy, & Passion,

Ladd McNamara, M.D.


Why & How to Select and Use Nutritional Supplements That Really Work!

In this Video Module You Will Learn:

  • Why You Need More Than a MultiVitamin
  • Most People are Deficient in Many Nutrients, and Don’t Know It
  • Not All Supplement Brands Are Created Equally
  • How to Choose Quality Nutritional Supplements
  • Which Supplements Best Support Vitality & Your Energy
  • Which Supplements Best Support Your Mood
  • The Lifelong Health Benefits of Proper Nutritional Supplementation
  • Specific Supplement Protocols for Specific Challenges
Accelerate Fat Loss, Feel Better About Your Body, Feel Sexy, and Have More Energy!

In this Video Module You Will Learn:

  • The Four Things Keeping You Fat
  • The Solution to the Four Things Keeping You Fat
  • Why Diets Don’t Work, and What Does Work For Lasting Results
  • How to Accelerate Fat Loss to Keep You Encouraged
  • Eating Foods that Help Maintain a Healthy Weight
  • How to Feel Sexy About Your Body Again
  • How to Regain Your Youthful Energy
  • Nutritional Supplements that Boost Metabolism and Help Burn Off Fat Safely
  • Specific Supplements that Support Your Mood
Get More Restful Sleep, and Better Handle Stress, and Improve Your Mood & Sex Drive!

In this Video Module You Will Learn How To:

  • Get Quality, Restorative Sleep For a Sharp Mind, Stable Mood, and Better Sex Drive
  • Mentally, Emotionally, & Physically Protect Yourself Against the Impact of Stress
  • Improve Your Energy and Mood Through Daily Minor Adjustments
  • Regain Your Passion for Life and Your Partner
  • Specific Supplements to Support Restorative Sleep, Energy, Mood, and libido
  • Specific Supplements that Help Protect Your Body & Mind Against the Effects of Stress
Establishing & Reclaiming Intimacy

In this Video Module You Will Learn How To:

  • Improve Intimacy with Your Partner
  • What Men Want, What Women Want, …and How to Use This Knowledge To Enhance Your Passion, Intimacy, and Satisfaction
  • Feel Sexual Desire Again, and Be Desired By Your Partner
  • Determine Whether Your libido is Low Due to Hormones, Other Factors, or Both
  • Why, When, and How To Replace Hormones When Needed
  • Which Nutritional Supplements Support Your libido and Mood
Improve Your Libido & Enhance Your Sexuality

In this Video Module You Will Learn:

  • How Sexual Arousal is Supposed to Work
  • Causes of Loss of Sex Drive and Fulfillment
  • How to Enhance Your Libido and Orgasms
  • Supplements that Support Your Mood and Libido
  • How to Enhance and Enjoy Your Relationship
  • Ideas for Enjoying Youthful Sexual Activity
Nutritional Supplement Protocols for Specific Challenges

In this Module You Will Learn:

  • Which Supplements Can Make a Huge Difference
  • Specific Supplement Combinations to Enhance Your Health
  • Supplement Protocols for Specific Health Challenges and Goals
  • Articles on Specific Diseases, and How Supplements Can Help
  • Information for Your Doctor to Work with You on these Supplement Protocols
  • Links to the Supplement Protocols that Can be Shared with Customers and/or Prospects.



Dr. Ladd holds on-going live webinars, in which you can interact, ask questions, clarify topics, and give feedback.   You are not required to interact with Dr. Ladd, or interact on the webinars.  These are for further live education and tips on various subjects, and it is up to you to be as involved as you desire. Just be aware that by asking questions, and being involved you can acquire more value, as the webinars essentially become customized to your specific needs at the time.  In addition, you may bring up a topic that others might have questions on themselves.


Although each module is relatively complete in the areas they cover, you may have individual needs based upon your circumstance, and response to the program.  You will have the option of email support with Dr. Ladd, or a one-time, or a series of over-the-phone coaching sessions with Dr. Ladd on any area that is covered in this V.I.P. Course.   (Over-the-phone coaching sessions are at an additional, but reasonable cost; and only available to V.I.P. members.)


Although sex-life enhancing tips are covered within the respective module, there are links and referrals to resources that go deeper into various areas that you may wish to evaluate.   There are referrals and considerations on various topics and items that have been shown to be useful by women and couples in the bedroom, and beyond.  You just may discover new ideas to spice up your sex life?   Just apply the tips and ideas according to your comfort level.


Based upon over 22 years of personal experience using nutritional supplements to help support and improve overall health, I am able to provide you supplement protocols that truly make a difference! These exist so you, and those you love, can live a happy, more energetic life. A few examples of the articles and protocols that are covered:


“Adrenal Fatigue”





Athletic Performance


Autoimmune Diseases

Avascular Osteonecrosis

Benign Prostatic Hypertrophy

Breast Cancer


Cancer in General

Cervical Dysplasia & Cancer

Chronic Constipation

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Complex Regional Pain Syndrome


Crohn’s Disease






Erectile Dysfunciton



Heart Disease

Heartburn (GERD)


High Blood Pressure


Human Papilloma Virus (HPV)

Infertility (Unexplained Type)


Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Leaky Gut Syndrome

Libido Enhancement

Lung Cancer


Lyme Disease

Macular Degeneration

Ménière’s Disease

Menopause: Hormones & Supplements

Migraine Headaches

Multiple Sclerosis

Myasthenia Gravis



Painful Intercourse (Vulvodynia)

Painful Periods (Dysmenorrhea)

Parkinson’s Disease

Pap Smears (Abnormal)

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

Pregnancy & Nursing

Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS)

Prostate Cancer


Rheumatoid Arthritis


Sjögren’s Syndrome


Surgery: Pre-Op & Post-Op

Thyroid Disorders

Vtiamin D

Vulvar Vestibulitis

Yeast Infections (Recurrent)

….. And MANY MORE!


Feeling Overweight?

Don't Feel Sexy or Confident Due To Unwanted Fat? This Program is For You. Accelerate Fat Loss, Feel Confident and Sexy Again!

Stressed and Fatigued?

Under Slept, Overworked, and Just Too Tired for Others or Yourself? Then, This Program is For You!

Distant from Partner?

Resentment or Emotional Issues Causing A Lack of Intimacy And Unhappiness In Your Relationship? This Program Is For You!

Feeling Empty?

Know That "Something" Is Wrong, But Not Sure What, Or How To Get The Energy & Passion Back? This Program is Definitely for You!

Want More?

You are doing okay in your relationship, and generally in good health; but BOTH could be a better!

Chronically Not Well?

If you are sufferng from a chronic illness, and just want to feel well again; this program and my protocols are for YOU!

Tools for Wellness Business

Many people work a home-based wellness business. This program is ideal for acquiring and supporting customers, as it gives scientific backing to what you are offering, as well as direction with protocols.

Bottom Line: If You Have Any Desire to Take Your Health, Vitality, Intimacy, & Passion to the Next Level, or Help More People with Your Wellness Business, this Program is for You!


Who is The Dr. Ladd VIP Program Geared Towards?

The Dr. Ladd VIP program is geared towards any person interested in improving their health in various ways, including low-glycemic eating, learning ways to keep excess weight off, improving sleep, reducing stress, improving one’s libido, and of course, using quality nutritional supplements.

A person does not need to be affiliated with any particular nutritional supplement company to become a VIP member. You get out of this program what you want.

The videos and articles are geared towards education at the level between the lay person and the health professional, so that all can understand.  Most of the VIP members have non-medical careers, but there are also many medical doctors, nurses, and other health professionals who have become Lifetime members.

There are many people who are involved in the Health & Wellness industry, who are building home-based businesses, and are using the Dr. Ladd VIP program to acquire customers, as well as support their current customers as to what supplements they should consider taking based upon their health needs.  The VIP program is ideal for this use.

The goal of the Dr. Ladd VIP program is to assist in the global effort to reduce suffering and increase true health.

Is the Dr. Ladd VIP Program Associated With A Specific Nutritional Supplement Company?

The Dr. Ladd VIP program is not associated or affiliated with any other company, including a nutritional supplement company.  It is independent.

I do have personal preferences in what I take, however, I purposefully do not name my preferred supplement products or manufacturer.

Of course you are free to apply your preferred supplement brand to the protocols that I have created.  The protocols are only suggestions, which should be discussed with your personal health care provider prior to acting upon any information or suggestions found on this site.

Can More Than One Person Use A Subscription?

Only you and your spouse may share a membership, with the same login credentials. This does not mean any person you are in business with; this means your actual spouse. The membership is intended for one person, or married couple, and is not transferable regardless of the reason.

Otherwise, membership sharing is not allowed. Since login IP addresses are tracked by the system, giving others your login credentials to share this program will cause your account to be locked, and no refund given.

I would hate to see that happen to such good people. so please operate with honesty, integrity, and honor.

Will There Be More Topics Added To The V.I.P. Program?

Yes.  I am continually updating, and adding new content to the VIP program.  I will continue to add more topics, more modules, more protocols, more written articles with the protocols, as well as more instructional videos of various topics (including nutritional supplements), and other resource materials. On-going live webinars will ensure the most up-to-date materials and information.  This is an ever-expanding program, which is why the Lifetime Membership is your best value!

Also, be sure to subscribe to my health e-newsletter.  (When you enroll, you are automatically added to the email distribution list.)

I have a list of vidoes, articles, and protocols that I have planned to be added to the program, but if you have a need for a protocol immediately, one that is not in the program now, then all you do is make a request within the private Facebook group, after searching in that group for the question, which may habe previoulsy been answered.

Do You Offer Additional, Personalized One-on-One Coaching?

I offer coaching over the phone for an additional charge. This could be a one-time coaching call, or a series of coaching calls.  I do not give medical advice, but may offer suggestions on various topics that you may consider, with the caveat that you consult with your personal physician before acting on any suggestions I offer.

Please see the Contact Page for pricing.

Where Can I find Your Blog and e-Newsletter Health Updates?

That is currently under construction, so please check back for the newest blog.   For now, my current blog, which will be phased out, is at

Coming soon:

Where Can I Purchase Your Audio Books or Audio CDs?

iTunes and Audible.

I have audio books available on Audible and iTunes.   These include, “The Cholesterol Conspiracy,” and “The Power of Cellular Nutrition.”  You can check them out by clicking here.

May I Share Videos, Articles, and Protocols with Others?

The program is mainly designed for your learning and benefit.  It is also a great tool to help you acquire more customers and team members by showing that they too can have a tool to help them understand supplementation, and share with others.

The videos, articles & protocols have links that you may share with your OWN PERSONAL and IMMEDIATE customers and/or prospects. They are not to be shared with team members nor customers/prospects of team members.  The links expire after a several hours, so you need to tell your customer/prospect to click on the link you send them and review the materials.

Of course, your customers and prospects are welcome to become VIP members themselves so they have access to the rich resources and education offered within the VIP program.

Can I Later Upgrade to a Lifetime Membership?

Yes, you can upgrade to a Lifetime Membership at any time.  If you upgrade to a Lifetime Membership within 30 days of your enrollment, or the payment of an annual fee, 100% of what you paid within the prior 30 days will go towards the Lifetime Membership.

To proceed, you simply go to the Home page while logged into your VIP account, scroll down the Home page, and you will see a link to upgrade to Lifetime Membership.

You will pay the full-price for the Lifetime Membership, and then I will credit you back what you paid within 30 days prior to your upgrade.


How Do I Sponsor a New Associate with a 90-Day Beginner Membership?

If you are a current Dr. Ladd VIP member and are working with a new Associate and wish to sponsor their 90-Day Beginner Membership for the low price of $49 USD, simply CLICK HERE, and put in their information and the credit card you wish to use.

IMPORTANT:  Make sure you, as a current Dr. Ladd VIP member are logged out of your Dr. Ladd VIP account before enrolling someone into this program, otherwise, it will convert your status to 90-days.  (If you make this mistake, simply contact me, and I will restore your status manually.)

After enrolling a new Associate into the 90-Day program, make sure you encourage that person to check their inbox (or spam folder) for the Welcome email with instructions, and that they also get admitted to the Dr. Ladd VIP private Facebook group.

After 90 days, their account will be suspended, and they will be removed from the VIP Facebook group, unless they re-enroll as an Annual or Lifetime member.

Are You Currently Licensed to Practice Medicine?

I practiced as a board certfied medical doctor in Atlanta, Georgia for many years prior to retiring and moving back to California, where I was raised.  I retired from medical practice at the end of December, 2003.  I am not currently licensed to practice medicine, which emphasizes my point that all information, including protocols on this website (and in the Dr. Ladd VIP Facebook group) is for informational purposes only, and is not intended as medical advice.  Please see the medical disclaimer.

Am I a medical doctor?  Yes, of course.  That is why I have “M.D.” after my name.  You can read more About Me.  Can I call myself a doctor?  Of course I can, because I am a doctor, even though I no longer practice medicine.  If interested, you can read about the license issue here.

A doctor does not need to be licensed to write articles, write books, speak, and provide information.  A doctor only needs to be licensed to practice medicine only if he or she is actually practicing medicine.

I hope you enjoy the information provided in this website, as it has sprung from decades of study and experience.

Thank you.


To even come close to duplicating my V.I.P. Program, with multiple visits to various professionals in specific areas of expertise, you would need to see a doctor who is knowledgeable in both supplementation and bio-identical hormones, a psychological counselor, a sex therapist, a nutritionist, a sleep expert, a stress expert, and an overall health expert to make the type of changes we are talking about, ….. and it WOULD LITERALLY COST YOU THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS!!!   To receive this type of coaching and support over a LIFETIME, it would cost you TENS OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS!

For the cost of one doctor’s visit, you will have instant full access to my V.I.P. program; including live and recorded, interactive coaching webinars, articles, shareable links, supplement protocols, resources, continuously updated materials & modules, and email support!

For those working a home-based wellness business, the program pays for itself by helping you get more customers and prospects on board, as they see they have a resource to help them build too.

As a Dr. Ladd VIP Member, you can ask to be added to the support community in the privateFacebook Group, ‘Dr. Ladd VIP.’   Here you will interact with myself and other VIP Members, on nearly any topic you wish, to receive support, suggestions, etc. After enrollment, please ask (via Facebook) to be added to the group.

My V.I.P. program truly provides you a tremendous value!  Half-heartedly trying a program for a month or two and giving up is not what either of us want.  I want you to enjoy success, and truly live with more Vitality, Intimacy, and Passion!

As a V.I.P. member, you have the option to have over-the-phone coaching calls with me at a reasonable charge. Most people need coaching and live support as they go through the ups and downs, and the stops and starts of any life-changing program.

For those who opt to subscribe to the Lifetime Membership Plan (and pay full price) which provides the BEST VALUE, you will be given one (up to 20-minute) coaching call with me at no additional charge!  This is a $125 value as my gift to you!  Like any V.I.P. member, you will have the option to continue on with additional coaching calls* with me for an additional charge.  (If you received the Lifetime membership at a discount, this offer does not apply.  It is only for those who paid the full price.)

After enrolling you will receive an email confirmation of your username and password. Your login will be your email address.  (Be sure to check your spam folder for my ‘Welcome’ email.)  This gives you instant access to all the video modules, articles, downloads, resources, and the schedule of the live, interactive coaching webinars. To be added to the Dr. Ladd VIP private Facebook group, after enrolling in the VIP Program, simply find the group on Facebook, and request admission.  (The interactive Facebook group is NOT offered nor available to the “Protocol Only” members.)

This is an on-going, dynamic site. If you don’t see a protocol for supplements, or a topic covered that you would like, simply message me, and I will create it for the site, so that way, your needs are always addressed.

* Please note: This website, any part of this V.I.P. Program, including my live webinars and coaching calls are NOT to be taken as medical advice, nor replace or substitute for any medical care.   Please see Medical Disclaimer and Terms of Use of this website before subscribing, as I suggest that you consult with your doctor before embarking on any exercise, nutritional, or supplement program or regimen. And, please use common sense about applying any information or suggestions you learn about in this course; and do what is only comfortable for you in your situation. 

This V.I.P. Program, in all aspects associated with it, is for informational purposes only, as I am simply providing education, insights, health and relationship tips, and proper nutritional supplement suggestions, all to help support your overall health; to shed excess body fat, to support an improved sense of well being, mood, energy, metabolism, and of course, to help you regain your Vitality, Intimacy, and Passion personally, and within your relationship!

This program is not associated with any specific nutritional supplement manufacturer.

I KNOW YOU WANT RESULTS!   Becoming a Dr. Ladd V.I.P. Member offers you the opportunity to truly digest the modules, access the live webinars, receive coaching, and transform your body and mind into the more energetic, sexy, and passionate person that you want and deserve.  If you are building a wellness business, focused on nutritional supplements, you will need on-going support. Lifetime VIP membership allows you to receive this support, reinforcement, education, and optional personal coaching for the remainder of your life; which is particularly valuable with the changes in your body and life over time.  Your needs will change, and you will be covered best with my Dr. Ladd V.I.P. Program Lifetime Membership!

Each person has different needs, and will respond slightly differently to the same approach. You may attain some of your goals in several weeks, while your other goals may take several months. You will be supported and coached through the process to increase your success rate.

Even after achieving most of your goals, you will may still need on-going support to MAINTAIN the “new you!” You can’t just apply all the learning from the modules in one or two months. You can see results within a few months, but to have lasting results, it takes repetition and coming back to the same principles, and garnering a new understanding. It takes practice and reinforcement, as you will be aided in my program.

Please take your time with this program, and don’t get discouraged if results do not happen ‘overnight.’  It makes no sense for you to try any health & wellness program of this nature for only a month or two, and then conclude that “it didn’t work,” when you and I both know that lasting change that you want for life takes time and commitment.  If you think about it, it probably took several years for you to get into the physical and/or emotional state you and/or your relationship are currently in, and I would guess that it is going to take several months to get most of your goals achieved and solidified.  Just follow the program, apply the suggestions where applicable, consider the supplements that I know make a difference, and be involved and have fun.

Your job right now is to decide what you truly want out of life, and just as importantly, WHEN DO YOU WANT IT?   When do you want to bring in more customers?  When do you want to be seen as the person with the tools to help others?  When do you want the body that makes you feel both good and sexy again?  When do you want more energy and vitality?  When do you want to feel more rested, experience better moods and an overall sense of well being? When do you want to have more intimacy in your relationship?  ISN’T THAT TIME NOW?   

If you want all those things sooner rather than later, then simply subscribe now to my Dr. Ladd V.I.P. program, and start on your path to get back the Vitality, Intimacy, and Passion you want and deserve!

Important:  Your Dr. Ladd V.I.P. membership can ONLY be shared with your spouse or life-partner (a serious relationship).  However, sharing your login credentials (username and password), or having other people beyond your partner/spouse use one account is not allowed, and if it is discovered that you are sharing an account, your account will be locked, and most likely cancelled without a refund.  I would feel real badly if this happened to you.  Please don’t let it happen, so please don’t share your login credentials with anyone other than your life partner/spouse.  The system tracks IP addresses that login to your account, so sharing will be discovered.  There is no co-op membership sharing. Your cooperation on this allows for greater growth of the site, and better results for you!  Thank you for your integrity, honesty, and understanding. 




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This is the BEST VALUE, with BONUSES!

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“Thank you Dr. Ladd for spending the countless hours in developing this remarkable resource!  The information for everyone’s health journey is incredibly valuable.  We have used the health protocols for specific health issues many times with our prospects with great success.   They have given our prospects understanding of what is going on in their body and specific directions to pursue nutritionally as an intervention.  Reading about their struggles from a doctor who has done the research and worked personally with others has been very powerful.  Having a “doctor in our back pocket” via the secret Facebook page has also been tremendous to helping our prospects have hope and direction to take control of their health.  This website is one of the most powerful tools one can have in a business focused on helping people with their health using nutrition.  Well done!”

Tom and Lorie Mulhern, Executive 1 Star Diamond Directors
Seattle, Washington

“The VIP program is an invaluable tool for any USANA associate. Although we all strive to understand and explain the products with precision, I always find that Dr. Ladd’s VIP program teaches me something new and adds tremendous VALUE.
I use it for customer’s that are suffering with specific issues that are
beyond my scope. When I am prospecting I share that I have access to expert recommendations and an article for their condition that don’t involve drugs.
We are in the business of promoting education and understanding. I use Dr. Ladd’s VIP program to enhance the education and understanding not only for myself and my customers, but I encourage my team to use it as well. When your whole team reads the recommendations and the articles in the program, their belief in the products will soar.”

J Leman, Executive Diamond Director
Chicago, Illinois

“What an amazing tool this is for all of us to enjoy. The questions are thoughtfully answered in terms that we can all understand and apply. Thank you, Dr. McNamara, for sharing your knowledge with us through this website. Everyone should get an account with this impressive website!”


Sherri & Dean Chionis, Executive 2 Star Diamond Directors
Geneva, Illinois, USA

Dr. Ladd, this is to share my gratitude with you for creating the website! We have desperately needed this site for years and no one could do it better than you! It’s extraordinary!   I have been using it all, but especially the Protocols and the private Facebook group where we can ask questions and get nearly immediate answers.  As I work with my clients, adding your detailed reports and protocols to their information, gives them the professionalism and expertise they are needing. As they begin their wellness journey, they realize that I not only have great training myself that extends to them, but that I have serious and brilliant experts at my fingertips! You bring the balance of the medical professional as well as the holistic professional. My clients are incredibly impressed and we have a huge success rate in helping them with just the right products and protocol once they see your reports.  I thank you for the incredible amount of hours you have put into this “labor of love”. You are always caring and you always give brilliant information and recommendations!   Many of my team of consultants have also joined us in membership and I’m personally a lifetime member. I look forward to many years of Changing Lives with you and the hundreds of thousands who share our passion around the world!   In Gratitude and In Health,

Patti Roney, Executive Emerald Director
Cody, Wyoming

“Thanks Dr Ladd. This service has made it possible for me to sign up 6 Preferred Customers within 2 weeks. And all with professionally presented protocols. They’re very impressed. Your VIP site not only improves my business but makes me look professional too. Best decision I ever made to be a member. Thanks for all the work that I can just imagine goes into this.”

Anne Noonan, Gold Director
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

“You have created an awesome resource. We shared the link to the PCOS article from your site a few weeks ago with a prospect and when she read it she wept. She said it was exactly her story with her condition. She started with a few basics to see what she would feel. Last week she signed as a new assoc. and agreed to do the full protocol and wants to share her results with friends who also have PCOS. Also last week, we shared the link to the article on LUPUS with another prospect and he agreed to start with the minimal protocol. These 2 orders alone have easily paid for the subscription. We so appreciate your taking the time to share your expert, professional knowledge and hope others will subscribe to your site to help spread Dr. Wentz’ Vision.”

Dr. Norm and Barbara Dawson, Executive Ruby Directors
Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA

“Dr Ladd, I am so glad that you have created this platform. I believe that it is a much needed source of accurate information for associates rather than using information or health protocols from unvalidated sources.”

Josie Tong, Diamond Director
Sydney, NSW, Australia

“The resources made available to me by Dr. Ladd McNamara are gold. First, the Modules/Recorded Webinars/articles in Protocols section are a great learning tool. No more hunting information on the Internet, trying to make sense of it, and making sure it is legit. Second, the protocols are awesome. They work. My clients trust them because they come from an experienced real doctor and there is no second guessing. And most of the times the client has options good for their budget and according to the gravity of their problem. Third, the Facebook forum associated with the VIP account is not second to any other part of the VIP package. Why? Being able to talk to Dr. Ladd McNamara whenever I need, him backing me up, receiving answers to my questions many times within minutes or even at odd hours sometimes, like… lets say… after midnight (from my own experience), is amazing. And my customers treat me like a star when they see all this. Lately, DrLaddVIP played a big role in about 50% of my health related activity. And most important, we are helping people.”

Daniel Faragau, Executive Gold Director
Seattle, Washington, USA

“The resources provided by Dr Ladd have helped me provide credible, accurate and professional information on a range of various medical conditions. The amazing website of information containing easy and digestible modules to go through, supplement protocols and of course this Facebook group has not only benefited my business but is benefiting so many in terms of their health. This resource is definitely worth so much more than what is asked for and I’m so grateful for all the support that I’ve received so far! I have recommend all my team members to get it as part of their business tools! Thank you Dr Ladd for all you are doing!!”

Ivy Ruger
Sydney, NSW, Australia

“You’re VIP program is second to none. I’ve read plenty of books and surfed hundreds of websites on nutritional health. To date, I’ve not found information in any single locale as comprehensive or as user-friendly as on VIP. And that alone gives me an edge in communicating clearly to and reaching my clients. I’m a health coach and nutritional advisor, so it’s important for me to have an effective way to reach those seeking my help. And your website delivers. Not only is the VIP information current and proven effective, but I trust the information I find. And believe me, that’s huge! My business has evolved significantly lately, and I contribute much of that success to your VIP site. For example, by sharing your comprehensive and thorough protocols with medical professionals, I’m finding many of them are blown away. Virtually all of these health professionals (eg, nurses, pharmacists, bio-medical engineers, trainers) are having their nutritional worldview expanded thanks to VIP. I find your VIP protocols reinforce what they’ve learned outside of the mainstream medical paradigm, but then it takes them deeper. In the end, they see a bigger picture about nutrition and why it is fundamentally important. Then it gets really exciting when they decide they want to try it for themselves or direct some of their ailing clients my way.”

Michele Johnson, Gold Director
Prince George, British Columbia, Canada

“I am grateful beyond words, and know countless other people feel the same, for what Dr. Ladd McNamara has done to change our lives. 19 years ago, right after I began building my own USANA business, I was impressed to learn Dr. McNamara was a visionary that had the foresight and courage to leave a career as an OB/GYN at a successful medical practice, in order to become a pioneer in what was being forecasted as the next trillion dollar industry in healthcare. At that time, he had also just produced cutting-edge nutrition science informational resources. I quickly came to view them as essential for success because they provided huge credibility for me every time I shared USANA with new potential clients and team partners. When I first found out about his new “Dr. Ladd VIP” program, I was blown away by how it delivers even more information, support, and valuable resources for us than ever before! It’s so easy to use and you’ll be doing yourself a big favor to learn about all you can have access to. Nearly 20 years later, Dr. McNamara remains the #1 most sought out healthcare professional my team partners want to hear and learn from. I have no doubt the “Dr. Ladd VIP” program will surely change millions of more lives. Thank you so much for this!

Bryan Penrod, Executive 5 Star Diamond Director
San Antonio, Texas, USA


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